With the aid of our Business Partners, EU TaxFree is able to provide tax free shopping experiences to customers visiting from outside the EU. We ensure that, with the help of these trusted partners, shopping tax free in Europe will be an easy process from start to finish.

EU TaxFree Partner - Fexco

FEXCO Merchant Services (FEXCO) is the market-leading provider of Foreign Exchange Treasury Management Services to merchants and acquiring banks worldwide.

FEXCO introduced the world’s first Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service in 1996 and still lead the market, providing solutions to over 30,000 merchants worldwide.

EU TaxFree partners with FEXCO to provide the added value service of tax free shopping (TFS) to FEXCO’s DCC merchants in Europe, enabling three services in one at the point of sale. The merchants can provide a fast, simple and cost effective tax refund service to their customers while receiving two extra revenue streams through Tax Refunds and DCC.

DCC is a service that enables VISA and MasterCard cardholders to view and transact international credit card transactions in their own currency. FEXCO DCC, a fully compliant service, gives the cardholder full visibility of the cost of a purchase in their home currency at the point of sale while getting the benefit of a competitive exchange rate.

As well as being a beneficial cardholder service, DCC enables the local Acquiring bank and the local merchant to benefit from transactions made by international customers The merchant will continue to receive settlement in its base currency and the international cardholder benefits from a competitive exchange rate provided by Reuters of the day.

FEXCO DCC has become a core product offering of acquiring banks as it enables the acquirer to generate substantial new profits for its merchants and itself whilst increasing customer service and transaction visibility for international cardholder.

For more information, please visit www.fexcoms.com



EU TaxFree is exclusively represented by Mercurius Finance  in the Benelux region.

Mercurius Finance is a new Dutch Serviceprovider with a range of payment services for merchants, hotels, restaurants and Online environments

  • PIN / Creditcard payments
  • DCC (foreign currencies)
  • VAT refund
  • Loyalty cards
  • Events and promotions
  • Community building and VIP Services

For more information, please visit http://www.mercuriusfinance.com